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Stay satisfied with your HVAC system.

Don't worry about your HVAC system - our consumer protection policy will give you peace of mind.


Feel secure with our consumer protection policy.

Don't overpay for your heating and cooling system installation, repair, or maintenance. You can be sure you are getting the best deal in town with our falt service rates, up front price lists, and company comparison checks. Protect your HVAC system and your wallet with our money-back guarantee on labor and product warrantys.

6 consumer protection questions and our responses:

1.How much do you charge for a service call?

Prices vary, and of course, you don’t want to pay excessively for just a diagnostic. Crawford’s charges as low as $65.

2.How much time is included in the price of the service call, or does the clock start ticking right away?

You should expect at least 30 minutes so that a basic repair can be completed for the price of a service call.

3.How long does it take to complete your most common repairs?

A company can advertise the lowest rate, then dally around for several hours troubleshooting or stretching out a job that a more skilled technician could complete in a much shorter timeframe. We do all our jobs quickly and efficiently, because we want to earn your trust and your repeat business.

4.How do you charge for troubleshooting or diagnostics?

We never charge more than $65, one time, for troubleshooting a problem. After that, it’s on us.

5.What if you have to come back out because my system still isn't working?

Scheduling repairs can be an inconvenience, especially when you have to stay home from work. Sometimes with machinery, you have to fix one component before you find out the true nature of the problem. If we have to come back out within a month, we don't charge for another service call. We may charge for additional labor if we find something new, but we'll be clear about that with you before we start the repair work.

6.What if I'm dissatisfied?

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with our service, we have a money back guarantee on our labor. Naturally, we warranty the parts and labor on any repair.

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